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Brno Design Days is an annual event celebrating design and connecting people in the field through a series of interdisciplinary events. The fully immersive experience includes fashion shows, talks, B2B events, educational workshops, exhibitions, and many other micro events for all age groups and interests. By partnering with local institutions and companies, the event works on educating professionals and local businesses to cooperate and build new projects opportunities. Also, it is an opportunity for starting designers, both local as well as international ones, to showcase their work. One of the main topics of Brno Design Days running every year, is the activation of non-functioning buildings in the city, in order to show the impact small interventions in architecture and working with local communities can have to shape a culture. Brno Design Days sees design as a tool for improving our quality of life.
Festival 2017 Festival 2018 Festival 2019
Alexandra Georgescu

Events & program
Barbara Jung

Graphic design

Motion graphics
Martin Egrt

Social networks & copywriting
Anna Kremláčková

Student exhibition
Josef Řehák, Sarah Szökeová

Fashion show
Tomáš Gál

PR & media
Sarah Szökeová

Nikola Linhart


Le concept